Awesome loved it

200 words down, 800 more to go!

My mother always spoke french to me, my father German. Being bilingual is so cool


Pizza party in your hair

Is it easier to get through college if your daddy is a multimillionaire. “Here’s a million for the alumni association. Now you know Donny had a headache on test day, you understand…”

Very talented and smart proffesor, it is a pleasure to listen to him. Explains things very good, and in simple language with nice dose of humor.

So. here are the upvote.

Hablar de tu puta vida

Watch my videos on this topic

Is an ugly thing and man dissevered from the earth and stars

Most devious people already are pretty good at lying. These techniques just help everyone find them 🙂

Thanks for the prompt answer!

5:43 about 45 mins left till final……

Who says Christians believe “think this life is not your one and only”? it is believed that afterlife is merely an extension of one life and that the postmortem recognition you get is based on the effort you put into yourself and the community

I cryed tears of joy listening to the start music

I passed all the game with all the stars in 1 week i think and jack toke like 1 years just to understand the 1 level


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