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Like if you want MOAR crash course literature content

Your fake Jesus is a REPTILIAN!

I follow first three but the last one I will follow from now to be more happy and rip sam

Fucking jumpscares..

2:17 dab

When I was younger, I used to take very large and epic doses of psychedelics like LSD and Psilocybin. This is how my words would come out in those altered states.

Video is blur so I can’t see clearly on the bord

I can not believe all the bullying in the comments! There is no “right” answer to this kind of questions. The lecturer is asking to engage the students in a typical philosophical debate and make them examine the logic behind what we call “common sense” and every student of them gave a quite good justification for her/ his choice.

This vid is wrong from its beginning when it said like all animals humans desire to dominate its/their environment.


It’s easy to be depressed if you have privilege and money, you don’t have the luxury to indulge in your feelings if you’re poor.

Should you be allowed to sell your vote?: NO (too much potential for abuse by the 1%)

These people look really really small I – year they would even fit my size and I really small

What a nice gentleman

Y’all should’ve got ghostface up there at the same time without him knowing

Lol the mention of Lance Armstrong seems really out of place now.

Hello everybody! Can any native speaker help me with my homework? pleaseeeeeeeee!

Thanks for this video



Can you plz do Sicario??

P. s would you every do any lessons on Lord Of The Flies? Or some more on poetry?

Ma’am thank you soo much for helping students world wide.


Jodie your tha bestest…have a 3 scoop ice cream

Humans has the chance to create a great civilazation on planet earth but the system of money wars and celebrity its taking us far away to achieve this goal so sad sorry my bad english

Its nice to the children like me..

I don’t use my teeth when saying D or T…am I doing it wrong? xD

Racist ass interviewers.

George Lucas was heavily inspired by Joseph Campbell when he wrote Star Wars.

First time i ever cried because of a video, I have no words, without a doubt the most positive man I have ever seen in my life!

Will never forget this amazing parrot. It just blew me away the 1st time I saw this on t. v., when he asked for “soft corn” instead of the dry, hard corn. RIP Alex.

Thank you so much for your amazing videos. You taught me all the things so perfectly in just 29 minutes which I actually learnt in 4 years of undergraduation. May God bless you with more success and knowledge.

Música de verdad!!

I never read Romeo and Juliet, but, I watched the movie. Poor mind of me.

How did they predict the future?

Hello, friends, I’m well and I hope you all of fine,

Well, if movies like GOTG 2 they’ve improved with color grading. Check it out, it’s so colorful

Ok sir

Eric looks like Mr. Shew from Glee

Shout out to Chopin’s e minor at 6:00

Or we just use our new robot slaves as slaves and we all reap the rewards. instead of you going to work you send your android that represents you. it makes money. you get the money, you sleep in till 12 and go to the aristocratic ball or some shit,



“Suddenly, he sits up and tugs my panties off and throws them on the floor. Pulling off his boxer briefs, his erection springs free. Holy cow!”

Please continue to make such videos

8. America

Please don’t use transvestite. It’s outdated.

“Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter—tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther. . . . And then one fine morning—

Sorry, I can’t stand to listen to her hit the microphone anymore. Can somebody please just transcribe the interview so that it can be read?

I used to get in trouble in Spanish class because I’m tongue-tied and have to replace the Spanish alveolar trill with a uvular trill. While not the same thing, they sound sufficiently close that nobody complained when I worked in Santiago a decade later. I’m also part Swedish, so I’ll just blame the Scandihoovians for my Spanish speech impediment. 🙂

“The set of all whole numbers is… denser”

No matter how certain of what you think now, it all turns to dust in the end.

I stopped listening after 3 mins. What’s the problem?

But Stayed Because Of The Song

It’s sad that this is happening :/

But wouldn’t it take an infinite amount of time to move everybody from one room to another, in the Hilbert problem?

Tbh i didn’t even notice this until now, just shows how good of movies all the mcu movies are

Celtic languages originated in southern germany/ Switzerland region, with the La Théne Culture.



Bernie was more of a straight talker; he combined straight talk with straightforward policy. Trump does a con man’s version of straight talk, and this linguist should be pointing that out instead of normalizing it. He doesn’t sound like any friends or family of mine.

That looloo advert is the coolest part of the entire clip.

I just got rick rolled in 2017…

Okay… And?

Interesting vid on linguistics. I’m the farthest thing from a Bernie fan, but as a language student, this was a fun video and he has a great accent to do a funny impersonation of.

I. e. using expansionary fiscal policy to reduce unemployment

I agree with this, but then how do we check on power? I don’t think it’s right that a government comprised of less than 1,000 people speak for hundreds of millions of people.


The “problem” with Rick C-137 it’s that he care. He care with everyone around him, and it’s exausting to be preocupied with everyone. And that make him a bad Rick, a damaged Rick, that tries to numb every feeling… I feel you Bro…

This is one of the most awesome rts games I have ever seen

What about language

Holy shit Dennis Reynolds is that you?

Brazil’s foreign policy is bad for us brazilians. This is because the BC artificially depreciates our local currency to export more, but it makes imported goods and our local products be more expansive for us own. But sadly, the exporters’ lobby is very strong here. Oh, by the way, thanks for the video, it helped me for the test tomorrow.

So..the romanian evolved from slavic? biggest bullshit video (that wants to be informative) i’ve ever seen! Thracian language anyone?

However, I agree with the underlying issue that bots will replace much of today’s unskilled labor, and how that will likely affect crime rate. But on the bright side, maybe it’ll force more people to be business owners rather than mindless wage slaves.

I love your sense of humor. Thanks for the video

But to feel like you have to have a sex change in order to be happy with yourself?

All indian people are asshole from other contry in this world..coz they are low caste compare other country haha. fuck u india..low minded..

I understood what viggo mortensen said in English, my second language, and in Italian, my third language…. but not what he said in Spanish, my native language. The fuck.

Where is this the common speaking except to toddlers. I admit I speak similarly to toddlers with a lot of clapping and gesturing. I will agree he has created a recognizable brand. It is always clear when anyone mimics Trump that he is who they are mimicking. She never analyzed how his “brand” is accepted. I can barely get through his speeches. The pre-written speeches are so deadpan and when he goes off on his own tangents, it’s just his usual blaming and complaining.



You are fuckin retarded if you think Trump actually talks like a 9 year old.

I hv nt read any of d book u told bt I’ll definitely read dem in near future

I don’t thinks its fair I don’t recognize untouchabilty..

I speak Danish, English, Polish, German and Chinese, and I understand Russia, Spanish and a bit of Japanese. And yet I am horrendous at spelling in almost all of those languages 😢

Let’s assume we did “wake up.” Let’s assume we moved forward in bring about change to the system that ended the political and economic “regime” that held us captive all these years. What is left for us? Assuming one were finally free and sovereign as an individual to do as he or she pleased, is that all there is for us–the supposed truest form of freedom out there? I am rather confused as to what a place would look like if no institutionalized precedents ran awry in our lives since even in the wake of this slavery life expectancy has gone up, many years during which people aren’t even working for the benefit of the government but rather for themselves. I am a little skeptical at taking in an ideology or perspective like this primarily due to the negative opportunities that freeing ourselves from “the machine” can bring about. If there is no central force of power, wouldnt someone else trying to take that mantle and start the process all over again? Wouldn’t trade revert to bartering, a method that could easily be manipulated by the fear of death? If we don’t fear death, then how superficial would human achievement be considered if we all died for the ideas and projects we believe in? Its a noble effort to free ourselves from this slavery perhaps, but its the experiences with others in mutual belief of benevolent intent that makes us proud or happy as humans. Without a system to govern, different groups would fight over power and resources. Ask yourself this, and I caution you as the implications can be dangerous–are you happy with your life? Why or why not? Is your happiness determined by the extent to which you control your life, or could you be happy living with your family under a government that provides services not found in many places of the world? Just something to think about, jumping the gun on such a compelling idea this video seeks to put in your mind only harms humans as a whole.

2:06 I don’t think Driving Miss Daisy was released in 2013

I’m saw this video on my class!

Can you do a video on Mohammed’s philosophy or is that too controversial?

Good job reloading the video at 240p.

And of course this list is very biased towards american novels…I do not think The great gatsby is the best novel of the 20th century…

Bernie Would Have Won

Trying to binge watch as many videos as I can and try to gain as much information as I can for tomorrow’s exam.. lowkey fucked

I googled Thug Notes T Shirts and the link was there!

Last year all we did was p. e.e in English 😞

Y’all just drivin’ around, I know where my lane is

Our education systems (worldwide) strip away children’s capacity for innovation and creativity… It programs us to fear the wrong answer, and if we fear getting things wrong, we remove the ability to ever discover something new or reach our true potential.

“I hate you”

Please do the Sims language

It’s unfortunate that the hyperinflation in Zimbabwe was explained simply as an increase in the amount of currency created.

Thanx amazing man

My first published book is a collection of 22 short stories about misfortune characterized by unexpected final twists at the end of each tale. “With ‘Flight of Destiny’, I want the reader to squirm at the behavior of some undeniably despicable characters, be charmed by their wit under duress, and be totally drawn into the harrowing world of the oppressed, all while savoring these dark, surrealist stories,” says Powell. “‘Into this anthology, I have injected my vast accumulation of angst and blended in my warped sense of humor.”

Good for you romilitant! Someone actually gets the point of this video…the future of learning.

DO ANOTHER SIMS VID PLZZZZ this might sound creepy but I’ve seen all your videos._.



I love this channel

Thanks very much.

In that situation woulden’t “blow” an oxymoron used to show how quickly the time ends? I dont know but thats just how I always interpreted it as.

Actually that might be an interesting topic idea… can movies based on video games be successful? Intertextuality plays a totally different role there because everyone owns the experience of the main character. I don’t think you can appease an audience watching someone else play a manifestation of themselves without relying heavily on the references to the jokes and culture of the game… I mean if I’m watching someone else play through for entertainment reasons its for those in-jokes, if I’m bonding with someone else who plays its over the same experiences the way you talk to someone you went to high school with when running into them years later. Even Mass Effect which has interesting central themes I think couldn’t avoid tapping into that at a criminal level.


Hello i’m still confusing about my matching information skill in reading passage and i need some tips for it. However, i can’t find it can you help me?

Sorta skimmed over the business cycle then made proposals that cause it… lol… your god (keynes) is dead… don’t be afraid to move on without a govt.

Wait if the devil exists in this universe then shouldn’t God or is it just him on his own

Why did you walk out?

Fuck it, give me the blue pill already

Should have gave him a family and see if he would teach his kids english then let em free then 20 years later there will be hundreds of parrots talking to eachother and probably making new words

Chomsky: the only man who could write a 200 page book on terrorism without mentioning islam!

Eve should I take Politics and any German advice?

Sorry for my plain english…

Sir apki video dekh k national income sach m bhot easy lag rhi h, thanku sooo much,☺☺

0:53 He looks so much like Ed Milliband!

Is this stuff aimed at children? I feel like your talking to a child. Kind of annoying.

A friend asked me today but I don’t know the answer. What has arms but can not hug?

See Trump? THIS is how you tell jokes. Not that monotone nonsense you were doing.

I’ve played this and this was so fucking painful to watch



Is that Ottawa University shown at 7:53?

(Kfc uses normal chickens but mc’donalds uses toxic for chickens)

Fucking fiend.

This is one of the things that have stopped India from being a super power, a country that deprives it’s people of fundamental rights does not get respect from other nations.

Marvels for exemple is super cheerful, just like what the Marvel movies try to achieve.

Nice vedios I think Its covering the moral and ethical portion of our life. it’s give the moral responsibility towards society as well as a moral responsibility of an individual toward the doing ethical dilemma

Ur mum is intertextuality

I just lost 10 minutes of my life that i will never get back

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past… god i loved that reference

A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of

The problem with this is it doesn’t account for psychopaths. they are people who don’t feel empathy, they can cause damage to someone and feel no remorse. nature rewards these kinds of people. the ability to manipulate and take from other people without the negative feeling that most people attach to that means that psychopaths get an advantage. these people then run the world because they can do what it takes to control things because they are not held back by empathy. for the most part i like to think that the average person does care about the world and would struggle to see a person or animal suffering, we have already reached that point. but when the power is held by people who don’t have any empathic abilities that’s when you get the world that we have now and to stop them, we would have to match them in their evil and our empathy prevents that.

You Nailed It……Great Vid……Alot of Men need to watch this clip….Great Job.

Can’t wait for Laozi

Thank you in advance.

Are they sold online? I couldn’t find them on Amazon. I hope it’s not another case of cheap knockoffs being made in China. I want the real thing even if you must pay a bit just for the LooLoo name.


Rise of nations ✌️✌️

The rules of grammar are a framework, not a cage.

“We could end poverty and give healthcare to everyone, but something is going to have to give.” You mean like maybe, perhaps, cut a few trillion off the military’s budget? Maybe?

Jack, I know you already know about it but I was about to blow a gasket over the jump thing!



He even aroused great curiosity in Henry david thoreau great curiosity in India and transcendentalism. in his own words on

Me: ok lets write this essay, ok il just grab some music

Hello! what do you mean by 15% and 2% interest rates?

I want my hemi V8 ..!! Fuck that

Its damn awesome! i have seen many videos and listened live classes then too didn’t understand! Your explanation skills is marvelous!👌thanks💐

What if I believe that Jim should say yes to the soldier, then turn the gun on the soldiers and take out as many as he can? What philosophy would that fall in to?

>When your teacher can’t teach and Mr. Clifford IS your only econ teacher.-.

I like watchmen


She’s a political moron–he uses “believe me” when he lies. Someone pointed out this “tell” early on–one of those who know him–Mark Cuban or Bloomberg…. He’s consistent about it, like any con man. He inherited a govt FAR from “a mess.”


12:35 Can anyone please explain how this guy justified point? as there will be only 5 healthy hearts, which should be inadequate for six people?


…that technology can “save” us…

How we getting screwed, a crash course. Hehe

When are we going to get a video on The Big “The Dude Abides” Lebowski?

Hey mam u are very helpful for me in economics can you also plzzz make videos of history of 12 std it would be really nice for me… are doing a good job…thank you so much mam

Did anyone notice the Gallifrayin? Gallifraian? Galli-Gallifar – The language of the Timelords there on the right?

2. Avoid: there are / there is

I want to learn Spanish so badllyyyyyy!

Evolving language lmao

I LOVE this game! I hope they keep updating the game!

I just to be in love with anything Indian. But after watching this types of documentaries…..

!! What about the non-traditional jobs and consumers? I understand production is a big part of the economy, but can you answer, where does the scientist fit in?



But still great differences in skin colours.

Professor, really i like your methods of teaching and knowledge you share for me. thanks

The Great Filter War: Fermi’s Beginning

Yeah this video help a lot. thanks!

1. John is hard to please. [John functions as an object in this sentence]

– Sonata 26 in Eb Op.81a ‘Les adieux’ – I – Adagio – allegro

If u had choose killing one worker to save the life of five others…ok it is ur proclamation justices

One thing about Kingsley too is that he was actually born in India so that also lends credibility to his Indian accent


And mr, aniq make video in right angle



What you do is great and very helpful, thank you!

Your tips are a joy! Amazing how it works! Thank you very much!

“Say my college girlfriend broke up with me”

Could past generations of anthropologists really have ignored such alleged widespread homosexuality when blatantly confronted with it in a strange culture?

Just click on Jacks face on 2:30 already, thank me later XD

And of land (called landowners) are not allowed or banned; and the only permitted private ownership is of consumption goods. Capital labor, and

There are systems for a reason in this world. Economic stability, interest rates, growth. Its not all a conspiracy to keep you all in little boxes. Its only the miracle of consumer capitalism that means your not lying in your own shit, dying at 43 with rotten teeth.

The unbearable lightness of being is one of my favourites 🙂

I know how to speak, read and write American English. I am interested in learning how to speak Norwegian or French. If anyone wants to teach other, contact me! Thanks.

You my friend just did something illegal. Destroying a federal note. Witch has no real value.

No one in my family talks with trump. Not even my 11 year old cousin.

First interview is truly powerful, all one single take. Good call putting his clip first. You lucked out getting to film him ^^

Why intermediate good include as final goods aftr one year without any consumption… as final good used for final consumption but thr is no consumption of intrmediate good with in or aftr a year

Nice presentation

Wonderful docu, thanks!

He also found it necessary to brag about where he’d taken coke, being careful to exclude any mentions of the USA…just in case. But then, maybe that’s part of the therapy; celebrity self-help groups, expensive cocaine use – then redemption through revelation.